Inky's War Principle

The rugby-playing nations won two world wars (admittedly, with help from some baseballers). Places which didn't improve after WW2 were in regions where rugby didn't take hold, and the countries that never even tried it have fallen apart completely since then. Wherever you find pogroms, hereditary dictators, boycotted elections and bombs at polling booths, there will have been zero rugby games played the weekend before.

Inky doesn't believe in Peace. He believes in War. War is necessary, giving victors and vanquished rules to live by. The enemy is always the mob in one form or another, some grotesquely aggressive minority with a chip on its shoulder and a masterplan. In some benighted places they even hold sway.

So if you don't like war maybe you need to question how much you're at peace with. As the rabbi said on Yom Kippur, "If you can't think what to atone for, examine your good deeds." Inky's not picky, he wars against mob rule in ANY form, but he has clear indicators. If you don't like rugby, he knows pretty much all he needs to.